Troy Story

We’re based in Limerick and proud to be 100% Irish owned.

I started Troy in 2009, and am blessed for the opportunity to take the company from strength to strength.

But I couldn’t have done it without my fantastic team here at Troy.

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Ger Clifford’s Story

headshot of ger clifford from troy packagingAfter leaving school I hadn’t a clue what I wanted to do and ended up packing boxes of screws. Five years of that and I knew one thing – I didn’t want to spend my life packing screws.

I started taking courses – Health and Safety and a Diploma in Purchasing. This led to several years as a Warehouse Logistics Manager in Shannon – giving me a whole other skillset.

Until I finally ended up working with factories all over Munster selling packaging.

By this stage I’d been reading self-improvement books for a while, and it was time to put the things I’d learned into action – to really take control of my life.

I settled down with the woman who became my wife and mother of my three children. And really applied myself to the new job.

Sales excited me, I still remember my first one. But it was in sales that my attitude could really make a difference. It was an opportunity to bring out the best in me – my love of working with people.

Consistently giving clients great service meant I developed wonderful relationships, and several of my customers from these days are still with me today, almost 20 years on.

Putting people first was how I always lived my life – this had worked for me, made me happy. So, this is how I wanted to do business. But it dawned on me – to truly develop my idea of ‘People-Centred-Business’ – then I’d have to work for myself.

In October 2009 I gave in my notice. With house payments to make, a young family to support, and the country in tatters, the fear nearly destroyed me. But the thrill of taking my plan from seed to completion, and knowing I could never un-ring that bell and go back working for someone else, kept me going through those first few bumpy years.

Once I dedicated myself to the new game plan good things started to happen. A business mentor came into my life, and I came up with the name Troy – after all, hiding the Greek lads in the horse is only the most famous packaging job the world’s ever known…Since then, we’ve tripled our floor space and become one of the fastest growing packaging operations in Ireland.

I won’t lie, it’s tough working for yourself. The hours are definitely longer and there’s no one promising you a pay-check. But my motto is: I’d prefer to work 60 hours for myself than 40 for someone else.

Honestly, it’s the freedom to run my business my way that makes all the difference. I often take a road trip round the country to visit existing and new customers, just to have a cuppa, a chat, and see what’s going on. There’s no boss would allow me that.

Also, it means I can run a responsible business – choosing environmentally friendly materials, treating my team as well as they deserve, and giving something back to the community.

People have been good to me along the way, and now I have the privilege to do the same, and that makes the hard graft worth it.